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 step I

This step is a great solution for people who only need help in creating an optimal functional layout along with inspirations that provide a basis for further independent implementation.


The step does not contain executive drawings, but we provide a precise concept of the interior based on inspirations that show how we see individual elements of the interior. We do not provide ready-made solutions here: product lists, wall views for the contractor. Such a solution is available in the next step.


Which contains:

  1. Inventory

  2. Suggestion of 3 functional layouts - the possibility of two adjustments,

  3. A file with inspirations illustrating selected solutions used in the functional layout

 step II

This step allows for the implementation of a complete interior concept developed together with the Investor. The entire design idea is presented using a 3D model and then visualization. The Investor receives a set of drawings needed by the Contractor to complete the interior design, as well as a full list of furniture, lighting and other necessary equipment, which the Investor orders on his own.


Which contains:

  1. The interior concept, created on the basis of previous arrangements, presented using a 3D model

  2. Detailed manufacturing drawings, including:

    1. installation (electrical equipment, water, lighting points)

    2. selection of wall colors (e.g. paints, wallpapers, cladding, stone)     

    3. detailed design of bathrooms with the arrangement of tiles and sanitary facilities

    4. kitchen design

    5. custom-made furniture and detail designs      

  3. A list of equipment elements with their price and place of purchase (link), selection of furniture, lamps, equipment elements

  4. Selection of materials with the customer in the store


 step IIi


Depending on your needs, from the start of the renovation until its completion, we participate in supervision of the course of renovation and finishing works. Our duties then include consultations with contractors related to the explanation of individual projects. Our presence at the stage of project implementation gives you a great comfort and confidence that the vision will be transformed into the interiors of your dreams.

Which contains:

1. 5-10 site visits

2. Constant contact with performers 

3. Constant contact with the client

4. A visit to workshops such as: locksmith, stonemason, carpenter



Often, a metamorphosis is enough to significantly improve the comfort of your life. You don't have to change your apartment to live comfortably and beautifully, just trust us and we will change your interior without a gigantic renovation.

Metamorphosis is also a consultation where we will advise you on the current interior or a new one. 

Which contains:

1. Selection of colors, wallpaper or other wall coverings

2. Correction and layout of individual rooms. Distribution of existing and selected furniture during the metamorphosis.

3. Shopping list (in the form of links to specific furniture, lamps and other elements of equipment),

4. Custom-made furniture design (then we can price it with trusted carpenters cooperating with us),

​5. We will clarify any doubts and answer your questions

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